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PE PP Film Squeezing Machine Testing For Plastic PE Films

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Yesterday we tested the Plastic Film Squeezing Machine in our workshop. The machine could squeezes and granulates the cleaned (washed) plastic film and woven bag by squeezing and crushing (the washed plastic film is directly squeezed into granules). This set of extrusion dewatering granulator uses The special hot-melt treatment method directly squeezes and heat-melts the water-washed plastic film into large plastic granules. It can enter the granulator for granulation without further crushing, which completely solves the problem of difficult dehydration and feeding of the water-washed plastic film. The right-hand man for manufacturers of water-washed plastic film granulators.

Extruding and crushing the washed film plastic will have a moisture content of about 10%. This dewatering granulator uses a special treatment method of hot melt to control the moisture content below 5%, eliminating the need After crushing, it can be granulated immediately.

1. The unique principle of squeezing and dewatering (extrusion and kneading) solves the problem of difficult dehydration of traditional film-like or silk-like plastics;

2. Directly squeeze the washed plastic film into large plastic pellets;

3. Taiwanese technology, made in China, very cost-effective;

4. Using special treatment methods, compared with the original old-fashioned water squeezing machine, it saves electricity consumption and energy;

5. It can be produced continuously and has a high degree of automation;

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