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500KG/H Waste PE PP Film Crushing Washing Drying Recycling Line Tested in Our Factory

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Last week, we tested the Waste PE/PP film crushing, washing and drying production line. The capacity of this production line is around 500kg/h. As there is some oil for the waste films, we suggest to add one set of hot water floating tank before normal water floating tank. The line was successfully tested, and we could get clean PE film scraps which can be used for pelletizing directly. The machines are working stable, low humidity content(less than 5%). We use good quality on our machine(SUS-304, more than 3mm thickness) ensures whole production equipment long service life time.

Function of each equipment:

1. Belt conveyor:conveying or transporting dirty plastic films into crusher.If too much scrap iron,metal detector may be needed.

2. Plastic crusher:cutting or shearing type:cutting jumbo film or bag into small pieces

3. Screw feeder:feeding film pieces into the next step

4. Hot Water Floating washer:clean the oil and dirty on the surface of film scraps

5. High speed friction washer:clean the dirty on the surface of film scraps

6. Floating washer:clean the rest dirty on the surface of film scraps

7. Dewatering machine:dewater for film scraps to get final good quality film scraps

8. Hot air drying system and air blower:use hot air to remove the moisture from PP/PE scraps.

9. Storage hopper:store the PP/PE scraps for next step packing.

Some testing pictures for reference:

waste film recycling line.jpg

PE film recycling machine.jpgwaste film crushing drying line.jpg


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