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PVC Profile Extrusion Production Line Successfully Tested in Our Factory

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Last week, we tested the PVC profile extrusion production line in our factory for our customers in Peru.

The raw material is PVC powder and some other additiviies. The work flow is to mix the raw materials equally by a PVC mixer unit, then the well mixed materials will be send to the twin screw extruder by a spring charger, the materials will be heated and extruded through the profile mold, then calibration by a cooling table, after that the profiles will be cut to the set length and collect to the stacker.

pvc profile twin screw extruder.jpg

pvc profile mold.jpg

PVC Profile Calibration table.jpg

PVC profile haul off machine.jpg

pipe haul off machine.jpg

pvc profile cutting machine.jpg

pvc profile stacker.jpg

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