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How to Make Single Wall Corrugated Hookah Smoking Hose

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(1) hookah shisha hose making machine  can be used to produce flexible shisha tube and corrugated pipes  of PVC, PE, PP, EVA continuously, as well as PA corrugated pipes.

hookah shisha hose making machine  has features of high temperature resistance, resistant to corrosion and abrasion, high intensity, good flexibility, etc.

hookah shisha hose making machine  is widely using in many fields such as smoking shisha pipe area auto wire, electric threadpassing pipes, circuit of machine tool, protective pipes of lamps and lanterns wire, tubes if air condutioner and washing machine,etc.

Procedure: Raw material + master batches→mixing→vacuum feeding →material dryness →single screw extruder→extrusion mould→

forming machine→meter measurer→double winder→finished product inspecting &packing


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