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What does a pulverizer do?

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Pulverizers crush glass, aluminum, concrete, plastic, coal, rock, resin, tires, waste, and other materials. They are used in the ceramics, chemical/fertilizer, construction, food processing, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, paint/adhesives, pulp/paper, coal, and recycling industries.

Plastic pulverizer refers to the crushing of various plastics and rubbers such as plastic profiles, waste rubber products, etc. 

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One of the most common pulverizer designs is the jaw crusher, which has two jaws, one that is stationary and one that is mobile. Impactors also referred to as impact crushers, are very similar to crushers but differ in the manner of size reduction. Impaction is force that is transmitted through a collision or by striking one body against another, whereas crushing is the use of pressure created by two opposing forces.Crushing and impacting utilize pressure and collision-wrought force. Grinding mills use friction to break down materials. 

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