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Full automatic V Type Plastic Pipe Triangular Threading Cutting Making Machine Full automatic V Type Plastic Pipe Triangular Threading Cutting Making Machine

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Application & Features


The PVC/PE pipe threading machine is used for inside and ourside thread cut. The machine is controlled by CNC, can cut thread and offload finished pipe automaticly. You just need change the predefined program if you want to cut different diameter pipe,so it is very high-efficiency.

It is forming fast,efficient,good quality thread and can process various thread with different tooth type and tooth pitch,such as casing, pipeline pipe, mine pipe, water pump tube, borehole pipe, deep well pipe etc.


1. CNC controller,stable performance and high precision

2. Hard alloy cutter,which drived by cutter spindle, rotate with high speed(primary motion)


3. The work table will do axial motion automaticlly according predefined program (Feeding motion)

4. The cutter spindle will do compasses movement,which be drived by machine head( Cutting motion)


5. Can cut inside and outside thread of ø100-315mm pipe, or design according to your request.

6. Upload and offload automaticly


7. It is easy to adjust, we can set the program and save on controller,the customers can choose different program according to different pipe.

8. It is easy to operate. The customers can do upload pipe,automatic locate,automatic fixed,automatic thread cutting,automatic offload pipe by one key, and automatic repeat all actions, no need repeat by man.


9. Good thread quality. The machine use forming cutter, can cut thread one time,no need more cutting, and the thread can reaslize best quality.

10. Highly polished thread. The cutter will mill the thread by 2800rpm high speed.

11. Machining stability. The pipe don’t need rotate, and the cutter cut pipe automatic. No need worry about trouble from pipe rotate.


12. Plastic scrap don't entangled,This machine use milling cutter tool,so the scrap wil be chip. It can imporve thread quality.

Technical Parameters

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Detailed Pictures

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