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PE / PLA Plastic Drinking Straw Extrusion Production Line PE / PLA Plastic Drinking Straw Extrusion Production Line

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Application & Features


PLA/PP plastic drinking straw making machine uses PLA(Polylactic acid) or polypropylene (PP) as raw materials, with the use of masterbatch, after melting, extrusion, shaping, cooling, pulling, cutting, then produce transparent, one color, two color, three color drink straws. It is composed of main body, tooling, cooling system, cutting machine, with a variety of models such as single color extrusion line, two color and two color co-extrusion line, three color extrusion line, etc.

PLA drinking straws making machine use PLA (Polylactic Acid) as raw materials, after melting, extrusion, shaping, cooling, pulling and rotating, cutting, then produce biodegradable drinking straws. 

What is PLA? 

Polylactic acid (PLA in short) uses corn, cassava and other crops as raw materials, and derived from microbial fermentation and extraction(lactic acid), then refined, dehydrated and oligomerized, pyrolyzed and polymerized. PLA has excellent biodegradability, and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in the soil within one year after being discarded, resulting in CO2 and water, and without pollution to the environment.

PLA drinking straws making machine is composed of main straw extruder machine, mold parts, water cooling system, and automatic cutting machine, automatic straw collection machine etc,

The capacity is around 20-60kg PP raw materia, according to different straw sizes and Dia. of screw&barrel.

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1. Wide application: PLA Corn starch, Plastic Drink straw making, lollipop stick, cotton stick,  medical tube, all kinds of toys tube, etc;

2. Easy to operate. One operator is enough to run the whole line;

3. Cut form: Diversified cut-end: 90° /90° , 90° /45° , 90° /60° , 45° /45° , 60° /60°;

4. With stable output and wide range of color options. 


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