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PVC Hot Cutting and Pelletizing Production Line PVC Hot Cutting and Pelletizing Production Line

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Application & Features


The PVC hot pelletizing machine is mainly used in hot- cutting granulation of PVC and wood plastic, etc.


  1. High cutting precision and efficiency;

  2. Conveninent installation and production.

Layout Drawing of PVC pelletizing line:

pvc hot cutting granulating line layout drawing.jpg

Technical Parameters

PVC pelletizing machine line.jpg

Detailed Pictures

plastic extruder for pelletizing line.jpg

PVC Conical Twin Screw Extruder + powder spring charger

pvc pelletizer.jpg

PVC cutting and pelletizing machine

hydraulic station.jpg

Hydraulic Station For screen changer


Vibrator for plastic pellets

cyclone hopper dryer for pvc pelletizing line.jpg

Cyclone hopper dryer and finished hopper dryer

pvc pellets.jpg

Finished PVC pellets


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