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SRL-Z Series Hot/Cooling Combination Mixer For PVC Powder SRL-Z Series Hot/Cooling Combination Mixer For PVC Powder

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Application & Features


SRL-Z series mixer unit is used for mixing, colouring and drying of various resin such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and in the craft engineering plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate etc before forming and processing as well as in the mixing of phenolic resion.

The unit combines heat mixing and cool mixing craft together. The materials after heat mixing can be got into cool mixer for cooling automatically, exhausts reamaining gases and prevent agglomeration.


1. Adopt double concave-convex seal;

2.Main zxis seal use advanced technology;

3. Cooling mixer use slowndown technolgy;

4. Driven by inverter to save more energy;

5. Excellent welding, polishing, sealing, mateiral will not stick on vessel wall;

6. Silient working and higher capacity.

Technical Parameters

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