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315mm Plastic PE Pipes Four Claws Haul Off Machine 315mm Plastic PE Pipes Four Claws Haul Off Machine

Plastic pipe four-claw traction machine is mainly used for traction in the production of PVC water supply pipe, drainage pipe, HDPE gas pipe and water supply pipe.

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Product Description

The haul off machine is one of the equipment in the production process of PVC, PE, PPR, ABS and other plastic pipes under 180-400mm. The device uses a replaceable rubber block design, which manually, pneumatically or electrically adjusts the pressure and tightness of the traction crawler grip; the traction speed is adjusted by an inverter; the turbine worm reducer is connected to the universal joint. The finishing process is used in the production process of the equipment, which greatly ensures the production accuracy and assembly accuracy.


Plastic PVC / HDPE Pipe Four Claws Haul Off Machine adopts high temperature resistant rubber blocks, the blocks adopt "V" type groove design, which can maintain a large clamping contact area with the pipe, thereby ensuring that no slippage will occur during the traction process. The smoothness and flatness of the surface of the pipe are improved; the high temperature resistant rubber block is fixed with the track base by screws. When the rubber block is damaged, it can be easily replaced with a new rubber block;


Track lift: the lower track adopts hand wheel lift to ensure that the track center height is consistent with the center height of the pipe production, thereby ensuring the straightness of the pipe; the upper track lift uses hand wheel, air cylinder or electric lift; hand wheel lift focuses on equipment Cost-effective, cylinder lifting and electric lifting to ensure the tightness of pipe clamping and easy operation;


The traction motor adopts a variable frequency motor and uses a frequency converter to regulate the speed, which has a large traction speed range;


The reducer uses a turbine worm reducer, which has the characteristics of simple structure, easy maintenance and cheap maintenance. At the same time, the motor and the gear box are connected by a belt, which ensures the traction and at the same time ensures that the motor will not be damaged;


The gear box is connected to the traction track by a universal joint, which has the characteristics of simple structure and strong durability, while ensuring the continuity of equipment operation.

Technical Parameters

Quantity of claws4pcs
Effective length1800mm
Haul off motor power1.5KW*4
Lift motor power0.75kw
Haul off speed0.5-3.8m/min
Control TypeABB inverter


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