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Non-dust Cutting Machine For Plastic Pipes Non-dust Cutting Machine For Plastic Pipes

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Product Description


The Non-dust Cutting Machine adopts international advanced technology, it is suitable for cutting aluminum-plastic PPR, steel-plastic PPR, PPR, PE, and PP pipes. The cut of the pipes cut with this machine is smooth and flat, no powder is needed during cutting, no manual trimming is needed, cost savings are achieved, the product is of high quality, Manufacturers have used it for many years with good results. This machine adopts PLC control, which is easy to operate and durable.

Machine structure:

The electrical control system of non-dust cutting machine is mainly composed of PLC, text, AC contactor, position sensor, electromagnetic pneumatic valve, inverter, other electrical components and hydraulic system.

Technical Parameters

Suitable Pipe RangeΦ115-315mm
Cutting motor power3KW
Control typeABB inverter
Central height1000mm
Air Pressure0.6-0.8MPa
Line speed6m/min
Cutter BladeSKD11


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