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Full Automatic PVC Pipe Notching Slotting Machine Full Automatic PVC Pipe Notching Slotting Machine

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Application & Features


This plastic pipe slotting machine is mainly used for slotting PVC and PE pipes vertical slot cutting, like drainage pipe or leaking pipe in playgrounds, parks, lawns. we can design slotting machine for 3 meter or 6 meter pipes.

It is automatic working and easy operation. The unit is controlled by PLC, suitable for different pipe diameter, the cutting period is 6-8s per time.

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1. Pipe could be slotted with several slots at one time. The width of slot could be adjusted by changing the blade.


2. Varied diameter pipe, it could be applied for differnt diameter pipes.


3. PLC Control system, easy operation. 

Technical Parameters

Main Technical Parameters:

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Main Parts List:

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Detailed Pictures

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