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HDPE Winding Pipe Extrusion Production Line HDPE Winding Pipe Extrusion Production Line

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Application & Features


The winding pipes are based on high density polythene as main material. The rectangle pipes are extruded by the first extruder and then enter into the twin form machine, at the same time, the second extruder spray the rubber strips and then squeeze to reunite it. 

The winding pipe ∅400-∅2500mm, according to the different usage term, the hardness degree of ring is divided into four grades and the max can reach 16KN/m2. It is suitable for the sour alkali liquid below 10%. It is widely used for sewer in super high way, municipal construction, flats, athletic field, square, mine agriculture, and bridges etc.


1. Full computer control;

2. High automation, stable and efficient;

3. Lower energy consumption.

Technical Parameters

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