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PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Production Line (16-50mm) PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Production Line (16-50mm)

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Application & Features


The PVC Dual Pipe extrusion production line adopts SJSZ51/105 or SJSZ65/132 conical twin screw extruder as main extruder, equipped with double tube single control stainless steel vacuum calibration tank which could make sure two pipes normal running when adjust one of the two pipes.

The haul off and cutting machine is combined in one frame, which is flexible operation and more economic way for the production line. 

The production line is easily installation and operation, simple maintenance with reliable quality.


1. High Efficiency and easy operation;

2. Small investment with higher capacity;

3. Advanced technology, auto control.

Technical Parameters

dual pipe extrusion line.jpg

Detailed Pictures

plastic twin screw extruder machine.jpg

Plastic Conical Twin Screw Extruder

Vacuum Calibration Tank (Stainless Steel)

pvc double conduit electrical pipe.jpg

PVC Dual Pipe Mold(2 cavities Extrusion Mold)

pipe hual off and plastic pipe cutting machine.jpg

PVC Two Pipes Haul Off and Cutting Machine


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