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SJSZ Series Conical Twin-Screw Plastic Extruder SJSZ Series Conical Twin-Screw Plastic Extruder

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Application & Features


The SJSZ series plastic extruders with appropriate mould and auxiliary machine can directly convert thermoplastic espcially PVC powder into pipe plate sheet, film and profile, and also provide function of modifying and pelletizing. 


The extruders are driven by AC motor with a thruster of stepless regulator. It also equipped with the over load proction and alarm system. The core of screw and barrel is cooling by circulation of oil, with vacuum venting and forced feeding.

Technical Parameters

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Detailed Pictures

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High Quality Conical Twin Screw


           PLC Control Pannel                                        Button Control Pannel


      China famous gear box                                        China famous motor

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Omron Temperature Controller


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