Ideal Plastic Solution—Extrusion & Recycling

Waste PET Bottle Recycling Machine Waste PET Bottle Recycling Machine

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Application & Features


This PET Bottle Recycling Machine is used to process waste PET bottles or other plastics with the density larger than water. By combing German technology together with our own practice, it has more advantages. The produciton line capacity can be designed from 500kg/h to 3000kg/h. The flakes get from this line can be used for producing 2-D or 3-D PSF, straps, sheet and etc.

The PET bottle recycling line is consist of the following machines: debaler, trammel, lable remover, manual sorting table, metal detector, crusher, hot washer, floating tank, drier, label blower, hopper and electrical cabinet.


1. High working preformance;

2. Lower power and water consumption;

3. Custom build the line according to customer's requests.

Technical Flow

Technical Flow:


Layout Drawing(2000kg/h)

plastic washing line technical flow.jpg


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